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Current Vacancies

Sr.No.DepartmentPost NamePost CodeDetailsPublish DateLast Date
30Health and Family WelfareStaff Nurse (on contract basis)-893893 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+3200 GP (Consolidated contractual emoluments 13500/- per months)Total Vacancies:90 10/04/202120/05/2021
26Health and Family WelfarePharmacist (Allopathy) (on contract basis)- 894894 Post Discription: Rs.5910-20200+3000 GP (Consolidate contractual emoluments 5910-20200+3000+150% of GP/- per month), Subject:Registration NumberTotal Vacancies:100 10/04/202120/05/2021
5HorticultureBee-Keeper (on contract basis)-895895 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+1900 GPTotal Vacancies:4 10/04/202120/05/2021
8IndustriesDevelopment Officer (Sericulture) (on contract basis)-896896 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+3800 GPTotal Vacancies:2 10/04/202120/05/2021
23HP Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs (Weight & Measures Organization.)Maintenance Supervisor (on contract basis)-897897 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+2800 GPTotal Vacancies:1 10/04/202120/05/2021
1HP State Agriculture Marketing BoardAccountant (on contract basis) -898898 Post Discription: Rs.10300-34800+3800 GP Initial pay 14100/-Total Vacancies:2 10/04/202120/05/2021
4HP State Agriculture Marketing BoardAuction Recorder (on contract basis)- 899899 Post Discription: Rs.10300-34800+3200 GP Initial pay 13500/-Total Vacancies:6 10/04/202120/05/2021
15HP Power Transmission Corporation LtdJunior Engineer (Civil) (on contract basis)-900900 Post Discription: Rs. 10900-34800+5350 GP Rs.16250/- fixed on contract basisTotal Vacancies:5 10/04/202120/05/2021
9HP Power Transmission Corporation LtdElectrician (on contract basis)-901901 Post Discription: Rs. 6400-20200+3050 GP Rs. 9450/- fixed on contract basisTotal Vacancies:2 10/04/202120/05/2021
29Forensics ServicesScientific Assistant (Chemistry & Toxicology)(on contract basis)-902902 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+ 3800 GP Emoluments for Contract Employee(s) Rs. 14100/-Total Vacancies:1 10/04/202120/05/2021
17Various DepartmentJunior Office Assistant (Information Technology) (on contract basis)-903903 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+1950 GPTotal Vacancies:23 10/04/202120/05/2021
22HRTCLaw Officer (On regular basis through Limited Direct Recruitment from amongst HRTC employees)-904904 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+4400 GP, Subject:HRTC Employee NumberTotal Vacancies:1 10/04/202120/05/2021
24Health and Family WelfareMedical Laboratory Technician Gr-II (on contract basis)-905905 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+3000 GP Consolidate contractual emoluments Rs. 5910-20200+3000 GP+150% of GP- per month, Subject:Registration NumberTotal Vacancies:29 10/04/202120/05/2021
13HIMUDAJunior Engineer (Civil) (on contract basis)-906906 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+3800 GPTotal Vacancies:6 10/04/202120/05/2021
31HIMUDASteno Typist (on contract basis)-907907 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+2000 GPTotal Vacancies:3 10/04/202120/05/2021
20Health and Family WelfareLaboratory Assistant (on contract basis)-908908 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+2000 GP. Consolidate contractual minimum of pay band+GP+150% of GPTotal Vacancies:6 10/04/202120/05/2021
25Health and Family WelfareOphthalmic Officer (on contract basis)-909909 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+3600 GP. Consolidate contractual emoluments 10300-34800+3600 +150% of GP/- per monthTotal Vacancies:2 10/04/202120/05/2021
27Health and Family WelfarePharmacist (Allopathy) (on contract basis)-910910 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+3000 GP. Consolidate contractual emoluments 5910-20200+3000+150% of GP/- per month., Subject:Registration NumberTotal Vacancies:6 10/04/202120/05/2021
11Technical Education Vocational Industrial TrainingHostel Supdt.-cum-PTI (on contract basis)-911911 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+3200 GP Rs. 18300/- fixed remunerationTotal Vacancies:3 10/04/202120/05/2021
16HIMUDAJunior Engineer (Electrical) (on contract basis)-912912 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+3800 GPTotal Vacancies:1 10/04/202120/05/2021
18HP Power Transmission Corporation LtdJunior Officer (P&A) (on contract basis)-913913 Post Discription: Fixed salary equal to minimum of the pay band of the post i.e. Rs. 10900-34800+5350 GP fixed on contract basisTotal Vacancies:1 10/04/202120/05/2021
19Prisons And Correctional AdministrationJunior Technician (Tailor Master) (on contract basis)-914914 Post Discription: (on contract basis) Rs. 5910-20200+1900 GP Emoluments for contract employees: Rs. 7810/- PM (which shall be equal to the minimum of the pay band + grade pay of the postTotal Vacancies:1 10/04/202120/05/2021
3Prisons And Correctional AdministrationAssistant Superintendent Jail/ Welfare Officer-cum-Assistant Superintendent Jail (on contract basis)-915915 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+4600/- GP Emoluments for contract employees: Rs. 14900/- PM (which shall be equal to minimum of the pay band + GP of the post)Total Vacancies:4 10/04/202120/05/2021
10HP Fire ServicesFireman (on contract basis)-916916 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+1900 GP (On fixed contractual amount of Rs. 11300/- PM (5910+1900=7810+2850+640)Total Vacancies:43 10/04/202120/05/2021
32Revenue (Disaster Management)Supervisor for State Emergency Operation Centre (on regular basis)-917917 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+1900 GPTotal Vacancies:1 10/04/202120/05/2021
6Various DepartmentClerk (on contract basis)-918918 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+1900 GP Emoluments for contract employees :- 7810/- PM (which shall be equal to minimum of the Pay Band +Grade Pay)Total Vacancies:10 10/04/202120/05/2021
21Elementary EducationLanguage Teacher (on contract basis)-919919 Post Discription: Fixed Emoluments Rs. 13500/- PMTotal Vacancies:9 10/04/202120/05/2021
12Panchayati RajHostel Warden (on contract basis)-920920 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+2800 GPTotal Vacancies:2 10/04/202120/05/2021
28Printing And StaioneryPress Duftry (on contract basis)-921921 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+1900GP Emoluments for contract employee(s) : 7810/-PMTotal Vacancies:1 10/04/202120/05/2021
2Revenue (Disaster Management)Accountant (on regular basis)-922922 Post Discription: Rs. 10300-34800+4400 GPTotal Vacancies:1 10/04/202120/05/2021
14Jal ShaktiJunior Engineer (Civil) (on contract basis)-923923 Post Discription: Fixed contractual amount Rs. 14,100/- per month (which shall be equal to minimum of the Pay band + Grade pay) in HP.Total Vacancies:10 10/04/202120/05/2021
7Revenue (Disaster Management)Data Entry Operator, Emergency Operation Centre (on regular basis)-924924 Post Discription: Rs. 5910-20200+1900 GPTotal Vacancies:3 10/04/202120/05/2021

Application Fee

Category Fees
General Unreserved 360/-
Reserved Categories of Other States 360/-
Grenarl Ex-Serviceman Retired on their own request 360/-
SC/ST/OBC/BPL (Ward of Ex servicemen or Ward of Freedom Fighter) 120/-
Ex-Service Men (Normal Tenure) or Blind/Visually Impairied Nil
For Female Nil